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Spec global is a modern investment and mining company based on a fully-open and ready-to-grow platform built on the concept of mining and daily distribution of cryptocurrencies among all participants.
We invite you to become a co-owner of mining equipment, without having to worry about any technical maintenance. With us. you'll get fully transparent and reliable information about the work of each commissioned miner and the payout received from the mining pool.
Our second specialization is the management of the mined crypto assets at the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with high liquidity and reliability ratings Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex, We publish reports on all our trades, comment on, and explain each of our decisions, and you can track our actions and see real-trade indicators.
For compliant operations in different countries, Specglobal has been registered in 5jurisdictions in accordance with local legislation, providing our customers with a wide geographic footprint around the world. Official registration in 5 countries:Belize, England, Hong Kong, USA, Russia.
In supplement to our bitcoin mining operations, We have also initiated supply for agricultural fertilizer equipments,. Which are hauled through our company and then returns are received efficientlu

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Aside from trading securities and stocks, SPEC Global Limited actively places its own assets at We understand that speculative transactions at the currency market are an important component of our business and one of the basic sources of income. In addition, transactions at the Forex market have a positive effect on the growth of the capital turnover of the company and on the attraction of additional investment funds thanks to the high returns on such investments. Besides, it is impossible to achieve stable positive results when it comes to Forex transactions without the usage of complex and modern algorithms that can predict the changes in the rates of currency pairs, which also strengthens the positions of the company and maintains the great image of the British way of doing business at stock exchanges. Aside from the above-mentioned business spheres, for the past three years, SPEC Global Limited has been actively and successfully developing cryptocurrency trading, increasing the flow of investments thanks to the successful speculative transactions at the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world and offering consulting services to third companies. In this business sector, SPEC Global Limited employs in-house software and hardware developments and successfully increases the closing balance of the company, becoming an even more attractive project for online investments by day. Uniting the achievements in different economic sectors, deploying various technologies, and employing the whole scientific and technical potential of the personnel of the company are important strategic advantages of SPECGlobal Limited that allow us to develop and improve the services we offer to their-party investors. In particular, SPECGlobal Limited has developed an online recourse that is capable of improving your financial state as soon as possible, while offering you more financial freedom and independence. Cooperating with us at the level of this online service signifies new opportunities in the field of receiving a stable passive income regardless of the external factors.

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Bitcoin is the simplest way to exchange money at very low cost.

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