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Specglobal takes the security of its customers ' data and the protection of confidential information very seriously.
This Privacy Policy defines how the personal information that you provide to Gelios Trade (registered (IBCR) BELIZE 427) (referred to as "specglobal," "our" or "we") used in connection with the website (specglobal). It also specifies the use of cookies on our website.
This Privacy Policy is incorporated into our website Terms and Conditions and applies where we act as a data controller concerning the personal data of our website visitors and service users; in other words, where we define the purposes and means of processing these personal data.

What personal information do we collect?
1. We collect your personal information in several ways related to the use of our online trading service provided through our website, which we will store and process.
To open an account with us, you first need to fill out and submit the application form with the necessary information.
By filling out this form, you enter your Data, by which the Company checks your application and takes all measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable law (including regulatory standards).
The information you provide may also be used by the Company to inform you about the company's services.
The Data we may collect from You includes the following:
- Full name, address and contact details (e.g., e-mail address, telephone, fax);
- Date and place of birth, gender, and nationality;
- Trade accounts balance, completed trading transactions details, your inquiries, and our answers;
- Authentication details (e.g., your signature);
- Your location;
- Your trading operations, trading knowledge, and experience;
- Verification data, which includes information to establish your identity: passport, driver's license (and also additional background information about you, which we receive from public sources or other organizations not related to us). Also, we may collect other identification data such as ID card numbers and/or passport numbers;
- Any other information used to identify you and your trading experience that is important to us regarding providing you with our services.

2. We obtain such information from many actions which you make in the course of use of our services.
It may be visiting our websites, use of applications, filing applications for opening accounts, forms for opening a demo-account, forms for registration to webinars and newsletter subscription, as well as communication with users.
We may also receive such information about you from third parties, such as payment services and public sources.
We also keep records of your trading style, including the following:
- Products that you trade in our company, and their quotations dynamics;
- Historical data on your trading operations and investments that you have made, including the amounts invested by you;
- Hour preferences for certain types of products and services.
We may also use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about the use of the website. Besides, we can also collect IP addresses through a web-analytics package.

3. Information collected while providing services to you The tracking systems used on the Company's website (s) may collect your Data to optimize the services provided to current and future customers.
The websites Data collection system organized as follows:
- Device information
Identifying the device from which you accessed the Company's website.
- information about user actions on the Website;
Registration of user behaviour on the website allows the Company to track user actions and eliminate all possible problems.
-location information
We may localize content on our website provided to users based on their country of location with the help of your IP address.
Consequently, we improve our site (s) usage quality by users.
- Cookie files
Cookies are text files with a small amount of information sent from our website (s) to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive.
We may use cookies to improve our website (s) performance and the usability, to monitor your preferences (if any) and to make changes to the advertising campaigns that we will conduct in the future.
- Data storing on the Company resources
To activate your trading account, you must provide our company with supporting documents through your Personal account.
These documents are transmitted over a secure 128-bit SSL connection and stored in a safe location.

4. The legal basis of your personal data processing and the purposes of such processing
We need to rely on one or more valid legal grounds to process your personal information legally.
The primary legal basis for our processing of your personal information is contractual.
Other legal grounds that we can rely on include:
- Our compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation that applies to specglobalTrade (for example, to verify your identity and any processing necessary to open an account with us);
- Based on your permission to the processing of your information (for example, when we send you information for marketing purposes related to the products and services we provide);
- Storage and processing of your Data in our company is carried out with your consent (except as described or implied in this Policy, when your approval is not required);
- We may need to process your Data for our purposes and the analysis purposes, as well as for the records storage;
Such data processing is in our legitimate interests and necessary for us to comply with our legal obligations.
The data processing method also includes all communications with you that we conduct in connection with the services we offer to you and in the course of our relationship with you.
-From time to time, we may use the personal information that you have provided to us in the course of using our services and/or in the process of completing surveys.
We will use this data to improve our products and services. We have a legitimate interest in providing you with personal information to maximize the quality of our products and services.
What are your rights?
- You have the right to receive a copy of the personal data that we have about you;
- You have the right to request that we correct any inaccurate information and/or modify any incomplete data. We will adjust our records and notify third parties to whom such personal information may have been transferred, following described above.
What security measures are in place?
- Information stored electronically and on secure servers;
- Employ other security measures such as firewalls, authentication systems (e.g., passwords), and access control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to systems and data;
- We regularly review our Data collection, storage, and processing methods, including physical security measures to protect against unauthorized system access.

Client funds security
Gelios Trade Limited is authorized and regulated (IBCR) BELIZE 172437 and is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Program. Specglobal Limited stores all customer accounts in separate segregated bank accounts. All customer funds are regulated in accordance with the Rules for the handling of customers' cash on IBC Belize 172427 regulation. In addition to these protection measures, customer funds of specglobalLimited are also insured under the Financial Services Compensation Program for up to $ 100,000.
Investors ' funds are divided and kept on separate from the company's funds accounts in top-class European banks.
We have clear financial conditions of work and transparent information policy:
Specglobal makes every effort to ensure full transparency.
We adhere to strict financial standards. We are also obligated to report periodically to our regulatory agencies.

Cookie files
This Website uses cookie files.
Cookie files are little pieces of information stored on your computer to allow our server to collect specific information from your web-browser.
Cookie files themselves may not identify a person, only a computer they use.
Cookie files and other related technology ease your log-in to the system and Website use next time you access it. Our cookie files are used to track your online session and support for the several next ones.
Our cookie files do not collect personal ID or confidential information such as passwords or license numbers.
The majority of all browsers accept all cookie files by default. You may change this at any time.
However, if you turn off all session cookie files, some parts of our website may not work as designed.
We, therefore, recommend that you enable Cookies to be able to use all of our services.
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By visiting the site or using the provided information, you agree to abide by these terms. The conditions are freely available to all users of the site. This site is the official source of information for Gelios Trade Limited. The information contained in it is an up-to-date service of the company to customers. Specglobal Trade Limited. confirms that the information laid out here is authentic and meets the standards of safe information. The purpose of the site is to inform visitors about the services of specglobalTrade Limited. and possibilities of their receipt. SpecglobalTrade Limited is not responsible if the site is unavailable to users for independent reasons from the company. SpecglobalTrade Limited has the right to change or delete information without prior notice. The company maintains the site and its functionality in accordance with legal acts regulating the flow of information. Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited. One user has the right to own one account and according to the rules of the company, register the correct data corresponding to the passport data and data that confirm the identity. It is forbidden to use or create phishing, which leads to fraud on the Internet in order to gain unauthorized access to confidential user data. Do not forget the financial password. (The financial password is a secret code that you need to enter to withdraw funds and change your billing information. The financial password must be different from the password to access the specglobal Trade website. You cannot change your first and last name in your account. If a user made a mistake in their first or last name during registration , the user must contact the Gelios Trade technical support service and provide his passport data, as well as any other documents that the security service will require to verify identity.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
All rights reserved.
All information and other objects contained on the website is the intellectual property of Gelios Trade Limited. Any use of the information or its individual part is legitimate only with permission from specglobal Trade Limited. The company retains exclusive rights to prohibit the use of information by third parties. All specglobal Trade trademarks are the intellectual property of specglobal Limited. Any use of these marks without permission is punishable by legal acts of the relevant jurisdiction. Any actions to change, distort or supplement information and other objects on the site are prohibited. It is prohibited to assign any rights to the information contained on the site. Initially, the site materials are intended only for private use.

Third party liability
Also required to comply with all rules and restrictions on the use of information set forth on this site. Persons undertake to comply with the terms of use of the site, copyrights and relevant legal acts. Persons, if necessary, are required to prove their right to use the information contained on the site. In the absence of such, persons may be subject to criminal and civil liability in accordance with legal act
SpecglobalLimited is authorized and regulated (IBCR) BELIZE 172743 and is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Program. Specglobal Trade Limited stores all customer accounts in separate segregated bank accounts. All customer funds are regulated in accordance with the Rules for the handling of customers' cash on IBC Belize 172743 regulation. In addition to these protection measures, customer funds of Gelios Trade Limited are also insured under the Financial Services Compensation Program for up to $ 100,000.

In addition to this, Gelios Trade Limited offers individual insurance of clients' funds that exceed the amount of insurance of $ 1,000,000. This insurance is guaranteed by specglobal Limitedand other members of the specglobal Security Group syndicate and does not provide for additional financial costs for the client.

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WDCS is authorized by the Financial Regulation and Supervision Authority to carry out electronic money transfer activities in accordance with the Electronic Money Rules 2019
Specglobal Limited is an international trading company registered with the International Business Companies Registry of Belize, registration number 172743.

©2019 specglobal Limited. All rights reserved.d.

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